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Save money on tube amplifiers.

Reamp your tracks using Kemper Profiler, which allows you to use virtually any amplifier you want. Are you are interested how it sounds?

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Choose your own settings.

Select freely from all available amplifier settings.

Select freely from all available <b>amplifier settings</b>.

Try out your settings for free.

Play part of the reamped track for free. Correct the settings until you find the perfect sound.

<b>Play part of the reamped track for free</b>. Correct the settings until you find the perfect sound.

Why you just have to try our service?

Look at the table below and see for yourself.

Guitar track processing (wow!)
Usable in your home studio
Easy to record
The true sound
Reamping Online
$1 /minute
Try it
$800 +

Don't take our word for it. You can test any amplifier for free or reamp as much as you want using one of the free amplifiers.

Still not convinced? Then know, that there is money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 100% money back

True sound? But... you're not using real amplifiers!
There's still a false belief about modeling amplifiers' low quality.

The Kemper Profiler's modeling is of the highest possible quality, thanks to its unique profiling ability. There's virtually no way to tell the difference between the real amplifier and the well-made profile.

If you're still not sure, take a look at this blind test prepared by known sound engineer and producer, Lasse Lammert, and try to guess which parts were recorded using Kemper Profiler and which using the real amplifier.

We don't know that, but if you're sure you know better, you should definitely contact us as you'll be the first one .

That's still debatable and it depends on what you want to achieve. Although, most of (even commercial) VSTs provide much lower quality than Kemper or real amplifier.

If you're focused on the best quality of your records you should avoid any trade-offs.

Depends on... how much money are you willing to spend. If you can afford 36 amplifiers, cabinets and microphones and you've got some space to set it up, we can't really compete with that .

What others say about reamping and Kemper?

There are a lot of benefits of reamping. The biggest one in my opinion is the fact, that you don't have to seal for a specific amp sound early in the production. [...] Another great benefit is the fact that if you don't have money for an amplifier or you don't have skills [...] you can send DI files to another studio.
Source: YouTube
Ola Englund
Musician and producer.
Member of Feared, The Haunted and Six Feet Under (ex).
When we got a Kemper [...] we didn't want to believe how good it was. [...] I couldn't tell when someone send me a Kemper track or whether it's the real amp.

I think you can actually sometimes beat your tone with the Kemper.

Source: YouTube
Andy Sneap
Producer and sound engineer.
Was working with bands like Testament, Trivium and Machine Head.

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